U Ba Win (1926 - 2016)

U Ba Win was born in 1926 in Kyone Pyaw, Ayeyarwaddy Division. He had an interest in painting since he was young. He was the only student to learn charcoal drawing from the head-monk in village monastery.

1948 U Ba Win left for Yangon because of the civil war. He got married the same year and worked as a tailor to support his family. When he sent his goods to the market he would pass the cinema halls where he saw movie poster paintings. He then learned poster painting from U Ba Lwin and worked there at night until 1952.

1952 The State School of Fine Art reopened after the war and he was permitted to attend. He was well trained under his teachers (late old masters of Myanmar art community) U M. Tin Aye, U Thein Han, U Myat Kyaw and U Khin Maung.

1955 U Ba Win graduated from art school and joined the government services as an art demonstrator in the Education Ministry. He taught basic drawings and basic theory of tone and color to the students from primary to high school level.

1970 U Ba Win was promoted to Sub-Assistant Researcher (Art) for the Department of Research for Education under the same ministry. During that time he continued poster painting. All Myanmar Art Exhibition commenced again and his paintings were chosen to be exhibited.

1973 He contributed his service as Chairman of Artist and Artisans Council of Yangon Division. This council was the beginning stage for what later became the All Myanmar Artists and Artisans Association. He contributed enormous effort to expand this council. He organized art exhibitions of All Myanmar Art and Sculpture at Envoy Hall and Sabe Beikman Exhibition Hall, Yangon, and participated in all those exhibitions. He service lasted until 1975.

1978 He resigned from government services and worked as a full-time artist and designer.

1982 He was selected to serve as Chairman of the newly formed Township Myanmar Traditional Artists and Artisans Association, Dagon Township.

1992 At the age of 66 he was the only member of Elected Committee in the same central association. Later he was appointed as a permanent patron.

2002 In addition to his style he added Abstractionism. He continued his abstract paintings together with his paintings of old style.

U Ba Win had shown his paintings in many exhibitions since 1973. His style was realism but not strict one. He didn’t want his painting to be like ordinary realism. He used thick brush strokes and his paintings were considered as Neo-Classicism since then. He was also interested in modern painting but he didn't start producing modern paintings until 2002. After 1988 Myanmar practiced an open market policy and Myanmar artists were able to freely explore their creative interests. He was interested in many modern paintings from various Myanmar artists.

His Contributions

 --Permanent Patron of Myanmar Traditional Artists and Artisans Association (Central), Yangon.

 --Chairman, Township Myanmar Traditional Artists and Artisans Association, Dagon Township, Yangon

 --Co-Chairman, New Zero Art Space, Yangon


Solo Exhibitions

2010 U Ba Win’s First Solo Exhibition – Oil Paintings, Trish Gallery, Yangon
2011 U Ba Win’s Second Solo Exhibition – Water Color Paintings, Trish Gallery, Yangon