Tin Maung Oo

Tin Maung Oo's paintings are evocative. He employs a balanced use of colours and elements of cubism. His dream was to become an artist since he was 17, and with dedication and commitment he has become a successful artist and his paintings are much sought-after by Myanmar and overseas collectors.

1949 He was born in Yangon, Myanmar.

His hobby was painting when he was young. He used to draw pictures on blank paper or newspaper and received good mark in drawing geographical maps and science illustrations.

1972 Tin Maung Oo got his inspiration to become an artist from his neighbor,Dr San Myint, who was a medical doctor and an artist with a leading role in the Yangon art circle. Tin Maung Oo attended the Fine Art School of Yangon commissioned by the Ministry of Culture. During his first year, he started painting. He got a chance to see a modern art show– Motethone Art Exhibition (Monson Art Exhibition) - participated by leading artists – U Khin Maung (Bank), U Win Pe, U Paw Oo Thet, Dr San Myint and some young modern artists from Mandalay- and realized that he liked modern art and the sense of freedom the genre represents.

During his second show named as Moe-Oo-Pan (Spring Flower), Tin Maung Oo met fellow artists U Shwe Aung Thame, U Myint Hsan and U Bogie, all of whom later became his mentors. Tin Maung Oo was later admitted into the 10th Anniversary Exhibition of The Myanmar Traditional Artists and Artisans Association. He has since changed his style of painting from realism to cubism.

His exhibitions are briefly listed bellows:

Yearly Domestic Group Exhibitions
  • Annual Art Exhibition, Myanmar Traditional Artists and Artisans Association (Central), Yangon

  • Morning Art Exhibition, Yangon

  • Shwe Generation Art Exhibition, Yangon

  • Annual Art Exhibition, The Myanmar Traditional Artists and Artisans Association, Kye-myin-dine Township, Yangon

Foreign Group Exhibitions

1990 Myanmar Art Exhibition, Yangon and Seoul, Korea

1990 Myanmar Art Exhibition, Beijing, China

1994 Myanmar Art, Pinetree Town and Country Club, Singapore

1994 TRESORS International Fine Arts and Antiques Fair, Singapore

1995 Myanmar Art, Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore

1995 Myanmar Art, Jurong Country Club, Singapore

1995 From Pagan to Yangon, the Substation, Singapore

1995 Vibrant Art Exhibition, Park Royal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2000 ASEAN Art Awards Exhibition 2000, Singapore

2001 ASEAN Art Awards Exhibition 2001, Yangon

2004 Finalists Exhibition of Annual Asian Contemporary Art Competition, Sovereign Art Foundation, Hong Kong

2005 Myanmar Contemporary Art Exhibition, Simon & Helena Arts Gallery, Singapore

Solo Art Exhibitions

1995 In search of Grace, Nobel Gallery, Singapore

1999 Tin Maung Oo’s Solo Art Show, NM Gallery, Yangon

2005 Tin Maung Oo’s Third Solo Show, Thiriwaimon Gallery, Yangon

2012 Tin Maung Oo's Solo Art Show, Trish Gallery, Yangon


Secretary, Myanmar Traditional Artists and Artisans Association,
Kye-myin-dine Township, Yangon