Bogie is a former engineer turned artist who describes his method as "Collaint".  Collaint involves covering the canvas with handmade paper, which is then painted over with acrylic or oil with additional layers of paper added on during the painting process. He often portrays village scenes in abstract geometric shapes. 

Kyee Myint Saw

Kyee Myint Saw is a prolific artist based in Yangon who is still actively producing new work. He is known for his Rainy Night series of paintings.

Nann Nann

Nann Nann is a prolific painter and sculptor who is constantly experimenting with different mediums, techniques and processes in her work.  Her creation often involves using found objects.

Htay Myint

Htay Myint produces small watercolour paintings with intricate, textured details that give his work a mystical quality. 

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