Myanmar Art History

Author: Ma Thanegi

The foundation of art in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is Buddhism.

Since the 11th century Bagan era when Theravada Buddhism began to flourish in Myanmar, this Way of Life as taught by the Buddha Gautama has been spread through the medium of art: on the walls of temples, in sculpted images, and stone...

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Evolution of Myanmar Painting

Author: Min Tin Aung (from the book of “Old Myanmar Paintings in the Collection of U Win”)

If you study the evolution of the art of Myanmar painting, you will notice that the earliest works of art on the walls of Pyadarlin Cave express the social life of prehistoric cavemen. Before medicine, art and technology were fully developed; these individuals...

An Introduction to Myanmar Painting

Author: Sein Myo Myint

An introduction to Myanmar Painting would necessarily have to begin with the prehistoric Paleolithic Age. The stone man has left indelible concrete evidence of his artistic inspiration and talent in certain regions of Upper Myanmar. Thus, a historical record of the development of Myanmar painting would have to start from this...